I offer a range of commissionable services, which can be tailored in any way to suit the customer. Also I actively encourage communication throughout the project to acchieve a high level of understanding about requirements.

Services available include:
  • New sculptural commissions in wood and stone
  • My own sculpture in wood and stone
  • Reproduction of antique styles
  • Reproduction mirrors and girandoles
  • Restoration of carved antique furniture, gilded or not
  • Carving portrait profiles in wood
  • Sporting Trophies/memorabilia
  • Lettercutting
  • Bronze cast pieces


This is my specialist area. Having studied styles from the earliest representations of native art from around the world, through to medieval ecclesiastical art and furnishings, (Romanesque being one of my favourites), to Gothic and onwards, I feel I have learnt an alphabet of style. In furniture, Robert Adam, Thomas Chippendale and Thomas Hope have been my most concentrated subjects, and again my feeling is that due to this in depth study of difficult technique, I am now able to take on any style that is needed. It gives me great pleasure to work on and restore furniture made in another age as it requires a sensitivity to the original craftsman, who inevitably teaches me a great deal about my trade.

Sculpturally I am influenced by Rodin, Brancusi, Frink and Hepworth to name only a few. This is an exciting new branch of the business that is fuelled by a freedom derived from the 20 years of learning spoken of above. My intention is to sculpt, mainly in wood, and to use the polychrome techniques outlined below.


For me stone dictates style: bold, simple, strong, direct. I offer new commissions in stone and have worked with Bath, Beer and Portland stone and also slate.


All types of lettering in wood and stone, including new designs are available.


There are many modern paints on the market today, but I find the medieval painting methods are superior. Their quality comes from their mode of application, as they are built up in layers, using ground earth and gemstone pigments and natural glue. This inevitably gives them an un-evenness, which adds depth and a finish that is rich and glossy. Water gilding also features in my work, to enhance an image.

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