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The Dallaglio sculpture-
Quiet Before Thunder

My lucky connection with Lawrence Dallaglio came about through his partnership with my sister, Alice. They have three lovely children together.

Lawrence himself inspired me to make a carved wooden sculpture, and it had to be his colossal hands that became the subject of my scrutiny. Its not every day one has a modern day gladiator join the family, and the jux to position of his obvious might with his very gentle and caring manner were, for me, caught in his hands.

My excitement over the world cup win has been transformed into a sculpture which captivates Lawrence’s hands, and shows them as they are, wonderfully large and strong (hold your own hands up to his), but also as sensitive, well manicured and intelligent hands bearing the disfigurement of a hard and fast game.

My intention was to catch the short intake of breath that happens before the ball is caught and clutched to the safety of the breast – a moment of quiet before the thunder.

I carved his hands, the base and ball out of solid lime wood. This led to the idea of a bronze being made, and for this I made a cast of his actual hands in plaster along with a cast of the official match ball used during the Rugby World Cup Final 2003. It was these casts then that were used for the bronze castings. A certificate of authenticity signed by Lawrence and myself accompanies the bronze sculpture.

Four of these bronzes have been donated to charity, leaving a further four to be sold on the open market.

CLICK HERE for a slideshow of the process of creating the Dallaglio carving and bronzes.