Woody’s Art Bites

Woody’s Art Bites is the educational wing of Isabel Coulton Sculpture.  Woody has been my nickname since birth and is as much me as Isabel is, hmmm maybe more!  Whilst I love to make my own art, I thoroughly enjoy teaching others how to use various materials to make their own art.  It’s such fun I want to share it.  Actually, it’s not only fun – it is a lifeline in what can be a difficult world; creativity can be a life saver.  I’m not saying it’s always easy, it is a challenge very often, but meeting a challenge is very rewarding and letting go of pre-conceived ideas can help to dispel the fear of drawing.  I also learn a lot from teaching and have made some of my best work when demonstrating…and my worst!


I teach live classes, but thanks to Covid I can instruct online too, and have been a recipient of web-based classes which were enjoyable and instructive.  Woody’s Art Bites will be contained in a spiral bound booklet and is the coming together of my teaching skills in a way that can open up private practice.  Used alone or alongside live or online tutorials, these books will guide you through the use of varying mediums and practices with extra material that can be accessed via a Q R code link or old-fashioned web link.  Explanatory videos will be uploaded, demonstrations of techniques, and a smattering of art history.


Woody’s Art Bites will also bring portrait classes with models from around the world on zoom.  This will be a beautiful way to help those in poorer circumstances who could benefit by being paid in British currency.  Whilst the model earns well, I can deliver a fantastic experience where we can feel a little of the exotic flavour of the country we visit.  We can hear foreign sounds of daily life which adds to the experience, and it only costs £12 for 2 hours.


As part of Woody’s Art Bites I will also be offering 4-day residential art courses click here for details at a beautiful retreat centre on the edge of Devon’s spectacular Dartmoor, which is breath-taking in beauty and majesty.  When I feel confident to teach in Provence France again, I will be offering those 8-day residentials too.


So, I hope to meet you on or off line, or just on paper…and we can have some fun together, learn lots about art making and enjoy a bit of personal YOU time.

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