Sculptures in Wood

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Spalted Ash and Bath stone Base
70 x 40 x 40 cm

Within and Without

Can be seen at Devon Sculpture Park
Macra Carpa Pine and Steel Base
150 x 52 x 40 cm

Ilex Shimmy front
Holly Wood
26cm x 56 x 5cm

Ilex Shimmy back
Holly Wood
26cm x 56 x 5cm

Mid Motherhood
Ash plus a poem on handmade paper

190 x 70 x 8cm


Emerging from wood
Lace wood – Burr of the London Plane

128 x 39 x 3cm 


Holm Oak Cast Iron Base


Reclining Nude
Lime Wood

138 x 34 x 7cm


Apple Wood

22 x 20 cm