Work in progress

This new piece will be several pieces working together. It will be made up of a folded panel, which has been coated in 6 layers of gesso, and painted using the old medieval techniques of grinding pure pigments, and applying them with a home made mordant. This panel will have the main subject painted on it, of todays refugees taking their lives in their hands to cross the Mediterranean.

Around this panel will be a border, painted in the same way depicting the various serious problems affecting our world today #climatechange #polarwarming #deforestation and others.

Appearing in front of this panel will be a life-size carving of Christ, as if crucified. The carving will be in limewood. The main bulk of wood will be chainsawn to shape and then chiselled to shape further with detail coming last and fine finishing with a variety of tools. It will be painted with gesso and painted in the same way as the panels.

This piece will be displayed in Exeter Cathedral in June 2020. Date to be confirmed. Click here for updates


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